Men’s Soccer / St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers were defeated by LIU Brooklyn 2-1 at Brooklyn Bridge Park – Pier 5 on September 30, 2018. (Photo Credit: Joseph Gomez / Josport)

I am an 19 year old defender aspiring to become a student athlete by obtaining a college scholarship in the United States. The scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to fulfill my long term ambitions of playing soccer at the highest level whilst obtaining an undergraduate degree.

Currently I play for Brunswick City in the National Premier League of the Victorian Conference in Australia.

Previously I played for the Canberra United Academy, where I have access to highly qualified coaches and facilities. In this program we train 5-6 times a week including strength and conditioning plus a further 1-2 high intensity games.

As a college student, I understand the importance of fulfilling my academic potential with a current nominated major in Economics and International Relations. I am fortunate enough that the football program I am currently a part of supports players academic futures and provides assistance where possible. For these reasons I believe a college scholarship will allow me to pursue excellence in both academics and athletics.



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